Brief Bio

I am an ambitious, artistic, charismatic, frugal, grumpy, perfectly snobby, workaholic, book-loving, joyously musical spirit.

Some of my lifetime wishes are to be the CEO of a mega-corporation, a forensic specialist, psychic profiler and the most successful professional in any field in which I work.

I love completing paperwork, closing a book I just finished reading and feeling a sense of peace from removing an item from my To Do list, which currently includes 54 items across 11 categories.

I am a contralto, trained by my father (a traditional Irish tenor) and in school while a teenager. I have not received formal training since becoming an adult.

I sang for religious gatherings, small and quite massive, as a child and teenager. I sing during my personal spiritual rites, but except for Rock Band, haven’t sung in public or professionally for years.

I am addicted to books. It’s quite hard to put one down. I consider a “series” of books to simply be one long book. When I read a book in a series, I’ll often realize I have spent half the day reading the series … two books or so later.

I have music and a narrative in my mind at all times. My life has an internal soundtrack with my voice repeating everything I hear, inserting explanations and making notes for future reference.


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