Educational Eclipse

I originally intended to just sleep through whatever was going on for my mom. I thought it was just a dinner and special church service my mother wanted to attend. I didn’t know it was a funeral service until just before we arrived. There was no possible way for me to be near a funeral rite of that power and emotion … and sleep. So I popped an energy shot to stay up for it. I didn’t know the woman who died, but attended the service to support my mother and out of a deep respect for sacred rituals for Death’s part of the journey.

I helped the ladies of the church set up the food while the guests listened to music that was special to their recently departed friend. Mom introduced me to her church friends including a fun set of sisters, Pat and Sandy. I liked them immediately and enjoyed the chatter and banter.

There were still the awkward moments I expected from going anywhere near any part of my Christian background. “It’s been so long since I last saw you,” to “Why haven’t I seen you in services here?” weren’t as hard as I expected them to be. It was a bit freeing to stand in a powerful church of my past, look around and feel no tugs or guilt. I’m completely comfortable, spiritually. I’m happy. I actually felt more comfortable in my own self after going to Mom’s church than before I arrived because the niggling thoughts left over from my childhood disappeared.

Still … when Sandy said, “You should come back,” I couldn’t say anything for half a second. I couldn’t think of a nice way to say, “I don’t intend to come back for any church services, so unless you plan to have a lot of funerals for my mom’s friends …” I ended up saying something lame like, “We’ll see.”

As soon as the food was set up for everyone, I found a comfy recliner and passed out until my mom came and let me know they were finished socializing. Mom and I talked about a lot of stuff on the way home. It still blows her away how much happier I am with myself as a witch than I ever was as a conflicted Christian.

Today was worth the overall effort just for the many lessons I learned about myself when all was said and done.


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